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is Mephistomon's second in command. He has a humanoid appearance with a green robe, a red cape, and a demonic piglike face. He appeared in the movie Battle of Adventurers.

Voiced by Jamieson Price


While Mephistomon was disguised as Mr. Tamashiro, Baromon posed as the leader of the evil Digimon. With his evil trio, Ponchomon, Pipismon, and Sepikmon, Baromon threatened Takehito and Mr. Tamashiro, demanding that Takehito hand over the vaccine program and threatening to kill Minami if he didn't. When he began shooting at her with a laser turret, Takehito tried to fight him but was easily defeated.

Then Growlmon and Seasarmon arrived. After disposing of the evil trio, they fought Baromon, who was unable to focus on two opponents at once; while distracted with Seasarmon, Growlmon destroyed him with Dragon Slash.


  • Storming Knives - Shoot knives from his chest