Chrysalimon is a Champion level Digimon. They usually appear in packs. They have the appearance of a blue chrysalis with tentacles.

In The Imperfect Storm, Beelzemon attacked a pack of Chrysalimon and destroyed many with Double Impact. The remaining Chrysalimon cried out for help, and Calumon digivolved them into Infermon. Beelzemon was still able to easily destroy him and absorb his data.

Later, after realizing the error of his evil ways, Beelzemon allowed another pack of Chrysalimon to attack him so he could give up the power. Calumon later digivolved them into three Diaboromon, and as they left to fight the D-Reaper, Beelzemon dedigivolved to Impmon.


  • Though a form of the villain Diaboromon from the first movie (taking place in the original series), Chrysalimon was never seen. This is because Keramon skipped over the champion level and went straight to the ultimate level.
  • His name is derived from the word "chrysalis", meaning cocoon