Cyberdramon is Ryo's partner. He is Ultimate level.


He has a black almost android appearance with wings.


Cyberdramon has a love for battles, and can be quite vicious in his first appearances. Ryo has said that "fighting is in his blood". As Monodramon, however, he seems more like Guilmon.


Cyberdramon became Ryo's partner while he was in the digital world, and searched for the most powerful opponent to fight. When they saved Kyubimon from Megadramon, Cyberdramon defeated him and tried to destroy him, but Ryo stopped him, as he was not the opponent they were searching for. Ryo and Cyberdramon reunited Kazu and Kenta with Takato and the others, but not Rika and Renamon, who separated. After leading them back to the desert, Cyberdramon fought Majiramon, and eventually destroyed him while powered up by a Goliath card. Majiramon was like an appetizer to him, so he left with Ryo to find another opponent.

Ryo and Cyberdramon tracked down the most powerful Sovereign, Baihumon. However, seeing that he was fighting the D-Reaper, who was much more powerful and a serious threat, Cyberdramon decided that the D-Reaper was the opponent he was waiting for and must defeat it. Cyberdramon blocked the D-Reaper with boulders while Rika and Renamon were trying to save Calumon.

Upon entering the ark to return to Earth, Cyberdramon dedigivolved to Monodramon.

Later Ryo and Cyberdramon biomerged to Justimon to fight the D-Reaper and its agents. Justimon fought against Horn Striker and eventually destroyed him. He also fought and destroyed Paratice Head. For the final battle, Justimon fought Cable Reaper and had Sakuyamon transfer her power to him so he could defeat Cable Reaper. This attempt failed, but fortunately the Sovereign pulled him into the digital world.

Due to Juggernaut's side effects from when it destroyed the D-Reaper, Cyberdramon dedigivolved to his In Training form, Hopmon. He was forced to temporarily return to the digital world to survive.

Justimon also participated in the fight with Parasimon, and Cyberdramon attended Rika's birthday party.


  • Desolation Claw - Shoots a powerful energy wave from his claws

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