DarkLizardmon is a Wild One having a dark brown lizardlike appearance. She appeared in the episode Juggernaut.

Voiced by Barbara Goodson


DarkLizardmon bio-emerged but was defeated by Guilmon. She survived, but was then subdued by men from Hypnos and captured by Yamaki, who took her to his underground lab and placed her in a chamber where he had his scientists perform a scan on her so that he could find out how Digimon are created and can be destroyed. The scan destroyed DarkLizardmon, and Yamaki had all her data deleted rather than saved.


  • DarkLizardmon is the first character to be destroyed by a human as opposed to a Digimon, and one of the only three to be destroyed by a human that isn't biomerged as a Digimon. (The other two being Cable Reaper and D-Reaper, who are destroyed by both Shibumi and MegaGargomon)
  • DarkLizardmon is only clearly seen once, and is shown shadowed at all other times.
  • The set of miniature Digimon action figures calls her "Darkrizamon"
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