The digital world is the world in which Digimon and DigiGnomes come from. It was created by the Monster Makers, specifically Shibumi.

It is a dangerous place, as there are a few hazards and hostile Digimon in the digital world. Its mainland is a barren desert, although according to Renamon it wasn't always like this.

There are six levels in the digital world. Initially only the desert existed, but after the D-Reaper disappeared for the first time, Digimon digivolved and created the other five layers, with the Sovereign creating their own layer. From highest to lowest:

  1. The Land of the Sovereign, where the four Sovereign Digimon reside. Zhuqiaomon's land in the south is a fiery red area, and Baihumon's land in the west is a snowy white area. Ebonwumon's land in the north is most likely a forest, and Azulongmon's land in the east is probably associated with the color blue. All other areas are a stone floor.
  2. An underwater area, with a cave that has an area above water, and a library.
  3. A warped black and white area
  4. The desert
  5. An area with a forest, and lakes and rivers. The Gekomon reside here.
  6. An area with white sand, clocks, and gears.

Digital tumbleweeds sometimes roll by, identified as packets of old data. Also, Earth is visible above, and data streams from Earth are present. Anyone caught in a data stream is randomly teleported to another area.

In the digital world, one can breathe underwater if they believe they can. Activating Juggernaut causes a storm in the digital world. Day and night come a lot faster than on Earth, and without warning.

The tamers went to the digital world to rescue Calumon after he was kidnapped by Makuramon, and became separated from each other twice, before they were reunited in the Land of the Sovereign. They rescued Calumon, but the digital world was taken over by the D-Reaper, despite the Digimon's attempts to fight it. It consumed much of the digital world and was estimated to destroy it in hours. However, the digital world still seemed to exist at the point of the D-Reaper's defeat, as the Sovereign pulled Cable Reaper into the digital world, where the tamers' Digimon were temporarily forced to return after the D-Reaper was destroyed.

The only Digimon of the digital world confirmed to survive the battle with the D-Reaper are the four Sovereign. The fate of the others is unknown, although Locomon appears to have come from the digital world, and presumably Parasimon and his brother.


  • Day and night coming quickly is also done when Discord takes over Equestria in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.