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is an evil Digimon in Mephistomon's army. He has the appearance of a scuba diver. He appeared in the movie, Battle of Adventurers. Another Divermon appeared in a later episode but was not evil like this one.


Divermon was sent alongside Scorpiomon to capture Minami for Mephistomon. While Scorpiomon distracted Guilmon, Divermon went after Minami. Kai's grandpa fought him but was easily brushed aside. He knocked Kai down with his tail, but before he could get Minami, her V Pet containing the vaccine program transformed into Seasarmon, who caught the harpoon Divermon threw at him, charged his paws with energy, and used them to destroy Divermon.


Divermon attacks by throwing a harpoon. He can also do a tail whip.