Dokugumon is a Wild One with the appearance of a spider. She is a Champion level. She appeared in the episode O Partner, Where Art Thou?

Voiced by Melodee Spevack


Dokugumon bio-emerged, covering the area in webs. Renamon fought against her, but she gained the advantage, trapping Rika in webs. Renamon was able to destroy the webs around Rika, but Dokugumon knocked her aside and directed a Venom Blast at Rika. Renamon jumped in front of her and took the hit, nearly killing her. But with Rika realizing how much she cared about Renamon, Renamon digivolved into Kyubimon for the first time. Kyubimon burned the webs with Fox Tail Inferno and destroyed Dokugumon with Dragon Wheel, absorbing her data.


  • Poison Thread - Shoots webs
  • Venom Blast - Shoots a blast of venom at the enemy


  • Not only is Dokugumon the first Digimon to be destroyed by Renamon's Kyubimon form, but also the only one to be destroyed by her Dragon Wheel. Kyubimon's other two victims were destroyed with Fox Tail Inferno.