Ebonwumon is the Sovereign of the north. He is a Mega level, and implied to be the weakest of the Sovereign.


He has the appearance of a giant turtle with two heads, a tree on his back, and a green aura.



Ebonwumon first appeared in Baihumon's area of the Land of the Sovereign while Baihumon was fighting the D-Reaper. He talked with Ryo for a while, and later both he and Baihumon arrived at the edge of the pit where the tamers, Azulongmon, and Zhuqiaomon already were.

Ebonwumon and the other Sovereign survived the battle with the D-Reaper, as they pulled Cable Reaper through the portal into the digital world enabling Shibumi and MegaGargomon to destroy the D-Reaper shortly after.


  • His left head speaks most often, with an Irish accent, and his right head speaks with a Scottish accent.