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Evil Jeri, also known as J-Reaper, is an agent of the D-Reaper. She is sent to impersonate Jeri, guide the D-Reaper to Earth, and study Earth. Her true form is a tall blue form with wings and yellow eyes.

Voiced by Bridget Hoffman


When Jeri walked away, presumably to jump into the pit of chaos (although there is believed to be some connection to the small blob of chaos that landed at her feet earlier), Jeri was captured by the D-Reaper and held inside its brain, and Evil Jeri impersonated her. She traveled with the tamers and their Digimon back to Earth, not speaking at all except to read the nutritional value on a food box when Takato and Guilmon took her home.

Evil Jeri later spoke of her studies of Earth and humans, and intimidated Jeri's brother.

When Takato and Guilmon were pulled inside the D-Reaper's chaos, Evil Jeri revealed her true identity to them. She recited every line Jeri said to Takato, revealed her true form, and chased after them, until Kenta and MarineAngemon arrived, and MarineAngemon fought Evil Jeri off with Kahuna Waves.

Later, Evil Jeri was absorbed into the D-Reaper as it mutated into a physical form. During the final battle, she re-emerged from the D-Reaper, with a slightly different appearance, and fought Gallantmon, saying that humans and Digimon do not deserve to exist. Gallantmon eventually overpowered Evil Jeri, saying "We do deserve to exist! You don't!" Gallantmon impaled Evil Jeri with his fist, destroying her.


Evil Jeri takes the form of Jeri. She possesses teleportation power, given how fast she gets to an area arousing suspicion in Takato. She can also destroy trees by flying by them, which the D-Reaper itself can't do. When transformed she can shoot a dark energy blast from her mouth, and has a tail connecting her to the D-Reaper.