Gallantmon is the Mega form of Guilmon, biomerged with Takato.


He has the appearance of a knight with a spear and shield.

In Crimson Mode he is red and has wings.


Takato and Guilmon first biomerged to Gallantmon during the fight with Beelzemon. Like the other biomerged Digimon, Takato and Guilmon can speak separately if they wish, but often speak as one. Gallantmon destroyed Behemoth and Caturamon, and defeated Beelzemon, but spared him at Jeri's request.

Gallantmon briefly fought Zhuqiaomon before Azulongmon broke up the fight.

The tamers and their Digimon were unable to biomerge on Earth during the fight with the D-Reaper and its agents, until Dobermon gave them this power, and Gallantmon destroyed the D-Reaper agent Creep Hands, but was pulled into the mass of chaos by the D-Reaper and split into Takato and Guilmon.

Gallantmon later fought Paratice Head and Optimizer, during which he was able to ride Grani the ark. He fought the D-Reaper itself twice; On the first occasion, he and Grani destroyed the shield around its brain in an attempt to rescue Jeri. On the second occasion, he was equipped with a red card enabling him to retain Mega form inside the chaos. The D-Reaper nearly defeated him, but Grani sacrificed himself to give him his wings and turn him Crimson Mode.

As Crimson Mode, Gallantmon fought his way through multiple Horn Strikers and Evil Jeri, destroying them all before reaching Jeri, however, due to a miscalculation he separated, but thanks to Kazu, Kenta, and MarineAngemon, everyone was saved from the void of Juggernaut, except for the D-Reaper.

Gallantmon later fought the army of Parasimon, destroying them and their leader by turning Crimson Mode destroying their digital zone.


  • Lightning Joust - Shoots an energy wave from his spear
  • Shield of the Just - Shoots a powerful energy wave from his shield

He also uses his spear/sword as a weapon, in both this form and Crimson Mode

Crimson Mode

  • Crimson Light - Shoots a powerful energy wave from his sword
  • Final Justice - Shoots an energy wave

He also has many wings in this form and can fly


  • When Gallantmon is slashed by Cable Reaper, flecks of red are shown flying. It is debatable whether this is his blood or his cape.