is the Champion form of Terriermon. He looks like a bigger form of Terriermon with pants.

Voiced by Mona Marshall


Terriermon first digivolved to Gargomon in the Digimon game, where he defeated Gorillamon and chased after him.

In To Fight or Not to Fight, Terriermon digivolved to Gargomon for the first time onscreen when he accidentally got in Renamon's line of fire during her fight with Guilmon. He was not ready for this kind of power yet and went on a rampage, shooting everything in sight. He nearly attacked Rika before Guilmon tackled him. Henry made Gargomon stand on his head until he dedigivolved.

Terriermon's first true digivolution to Gargomon retaining his mind occurred when Musyamon tried to murder a little girl and Henry realized that some battles were worth fighting. Gargomon destroyed Musyamon and absorbed his data.

Gargomon fought Mihiramon, Sandiramon, and Sinduramon. Mihiramon easily defeated Gargomon with Samurai Tiger Tail, but he did better against the weaker Sandiramon and Sinduramon, helping Growlmon defeat them. He was at a disadvantage to Pajiramon, until Henry matrix digivolved him to Rapidmon, who destroyed Pajiramon.

Gargomon fought Ebidramon, and later Mephistomon, and was no match for him until he digivolved. Although he couldn't do anything to Indramon, he was able to damage Kumbhiramon, enabling Leomon to destroy him.

Terriermon briefly digivolved to Gargomon for a few more battles, such as Vikaralamon, Majiramon, and some D-Reaper agents, but more often against powerful opponents took the form of Rapidmon, or else biomerged with Henry into MegaGargomon.


  • Gargo Laser - Shoots a laser
  • Gargo Pellets - Shoots with machine guns
  • Bunny Pummel - Uses his gun as a club to attack the enemy