Many Gekomon reside in the forest area of the digital world. They have the appearance of geckos. They appeared in the episode Kazu's Upgrade.

Voiced by Dave Mallow


The Gekomon enjoy singing horribly. One day, the evil Orochimon appeared and forced them to make milkshakes, which they did to avoid his wrath. Andromon came to defeat Orochimon and free the Gekomon, but they stubbornly refused his help. Anrdomon fought Orochimon anyway, inadvertently causing damage to their factory. This caused the Gekomon to hate Andromon more than Orochimon.

When Andromon was injured by Orochimon, the tamers convinced the Gekomon to give him some data milkshakes to heal him. They later convinced them to help them fight Orochimon. In the end, Orochimon was destroyed and the Gekomon were free to sing horribly again.

The Gekomon have an elder.


  • One Gekomon is referred to as "Johnson".