Gorillamon t
is Terriermon's arch-nemesis from the Digimon game both appeared from. He appeared in the episode It Came from the Other Side.

Voiced by Paul St. Peter.


Gorillamon was nearly selected by Henry to be his partner, but he picked Terriermon instead. Terriermon fought Gorillamon and defeated him by digivolving into Gargomon. However he continued to chase Gorillamon and shoot at him.

Gorillamon later bio-emerged to Earth to get his revenge on Terriermon. Guilmon fought him but when it was clear Gorillamon would kill Guilmon, Henry was forced to let Terriermon fight him. Eventually Henry used a Training Grips card that Kazu gave Takato, which he then transferred to Gorillamon, rendering him unable to counter Terriermon, who beat him up.

Gorillamon broke free of the Training Grips, but Terriermon shot a Bunny Blast into his cannon, destroying him. At Henry's request Terriermon did not absorb his data, hoping to see if it would return to the other side.

It would later be confirmed that although the discarded data could be reformatted into a new form (such as Devas or Chuchidarimon), the Digimon could not be revived, as his soul would go on to the next world rather than be revived like Digimon were in the TV series.