Guardromon is an android Digimon, and Kazu's partner. His Ultimate and original form is Andromon.




Andromon fought against the evil Orochimon to free the Gekomon from him. The Gekomon didn't appreciate him, as their battles damaged their factory.

When Andromon was damaged by Orochimon, the tamers took him to the Gekomon factory where they, initially reluctant to help, gave him a milkshake with data in it to heal his injuries. He still lost a lot of energy, and dedigivolved to Guardromon. Kazu in particular seemed to hang out with him for this scene, and after Orochimon's defeat, Kazu became Guardromon's tamer.

Guardromon traveled with the others from this point on, and helped Gallantmon defeat Beelzemon.

After going to Earth with Takato, Guardromon was beaten by Kazu's mother for standing on plants. He later participated in the fight with the D-Reaper, destroying the second Paratice Head to appear. Due to Juggernaut's effects he dedigivolved to his In Training form, Kapurimon, and was forced to temporarily return to the digital world to survive.

He later participated in the fight with Parasimon, and attended Rika's birthday party.


  • Guardian Barrage - Shoots missiles