Harpymon is a Wild One with the appearance of a harpy. She appeared in the episode Divided They Stand.

Voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn


When Harpymon bio-emerged, Renamon fought her on her own, as she and Rika were no longer speaking to each other. Renamon gained the upper hand on Harpymon, but paused, realizing that if she destroyed every opponent and destroyed their data, there would be nothing left for her to do. Harpymon knocked Renamon down with Wind Seeker and tried to stomp on her. At that moment, Rika stabbed Harpymon in the back with a stick. When Harpymon turned around to attack Rika, Renamon digivolved to Kyubimon and destroyed Harpymon with Fox Tail Inferno. For the first time she decided not to absorb her opponent's data.


  • Wind Seeker - Shoots an energy blade (or powerful sharp gust of wind) from her wings