IceDevimon is a Wild One resembling a white version of Devimon. He appeared in the episode The Icemon Cometh.

Voiced by Michael Reisz.


Prior to bio-emerging on Earth, IceDevimon killed and froze many Digimon, proving to be a serial killer.

After bio-emerging, IceDevimon set up an icy lair and pulled Rika into it, asking her to become his tamer and saying her heart was as cold as him. Rika refused in favor of Renamon. Guilmon and Terriermon arrived and fought against him, but he froze them. Then Renamon arrived, digivolving to Kyubimon to fight him, but he easily defeated her. Henry found a way to unfreeze Guilmon and Terriermon, then Takato used a Digi Modify combo on Guilmon, who stuck IceDevimon's head in the ceiling and destroyed him with Pyro Sphere, absorbing his data.


Even among other villains IceDevimon is extremely ruthless, sadistic, and coldhearted.


  • Frozen Claw - Extends his arm to attack
  • Avalanche Claw - Uses his wings to send a blizzard of icicles at his enemies
  • Tundra Freeze - An eye laser of ice which can freeze his enemies