Indramon t
is the Horse Deva. He has the appearance of a dark purple humanoid horse with a white mane and tail. He is an Ultimate level. He was the sixth Deva to appear and fight the tamers. He appeared in the episodes Impmon's Last Stand and Out of the Blue.

Voiced by Neil Kaplan


After an apparent break in the Devas, Indramon bio-emerged at the same time as Makuramon. He appeared before Impmon and said that he had the stench of one who has been with humans. Impmon wanted to fight Indramon, despite Renamon telling him he couldn't defeat a Deva. Indramon left after Renamon arrived.

Later Indramon returned, and Impmon fought him, but was unable to even damage him, and Indramon beat him up. When Impmon was about to be killed, Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon intervened and fought him. At one point Indramon smacked Renamon away. Impmon tried to attack Indramon a final time but he knocked him into the distance. The fight ended when Yamaki tried to destroy Indramon with Juggernaut, forcing him to retreat. He was believed by Hypnos to have selfdestructed.

Indramon later returned to terrorize the city. Growlmon, Gargomon, and Kyubimon fought against him, and he gained the upper hand until Takato used a blue card that Kazu gave him, and matrix digivolved Growlmon to WarGrowlmon, who charged at Indramon, smashing his Horn of Desolation, and destroyed him with Atomic Blaster.


  • Horn of Desolation - Sucks up enemies' attacks with the horn on his back and then blows on it to send the attacks back at them.

He also attacks with his hooves