Jagamon t
are small Digimon with tails resembling sprouts. They are found in large numbers. They appeared in the episode Brave New Digital World.

Voiced by Joe Ochman


All the Jagamon stampeded by the tamers, nearly killing them. They all got to safety, but Meramon used Magma Blast on them, and they stampeded and trampled him, destroying him.

Later Kazu and Kenta pulled on sprouts growing out of the ground to discover they were Jagamon tails. Rika got angry at them for killing Meramon, but they said they were only defending themselves, as Meramon was trying to take over their territory. The tamers asked them if they'd seen Calumon or Makuramon. They had seen Makuramon, but not Calumon. When asked if they were lying, they said they did not know what lying was.


  • The Jagamon's tails resemble Floro Sprouts from Super Paper Mario.