This article is about the program. For the episode, see Juggernaut (episode).

Juggernaut is a program created by Yamaki, intended to destroy all Digimon. It creates a black hole which sucks the target in and destroys it.

After receiving permission from the guys upstairs, Yamaki executed a test run. This sucked in and destroyed many Digimon on Earth, but had the side effect of opening a portal through which the Devas traveled to Earth.

Yamaki tried to destroy Indramon with Juggernaut, but failed, although Hypnos was led to believe he selfdestructed.

Yamaki turned on Juggernaut to full power during the fight with Vikaralamon, nearly killing him, Rapidmon, and Taomon, however, Makuramon threw a Primal Orb into the void, destroying it.

In The Imperfect Storm, over the protests of one agent, another government agent started a test run of Juggernaut without Yamaki, causing a storm in the digital world. He could not shut it off, but the first agent called Yamaki, who by now was on the tamers' side, and he shut Juggernaut down.

For the final battle with the D-Reaper, Janyu uploaded Juggernaut into Terriermon, so that he, as MegaGargomon, could power it once activated by Shibumi. For once, Juggernaut worked in the tamers' favor, as it was used to suck in, devolve, and destroy the D-Reaper. Unfortunately, its side effects nearly destroyed the Digimon as well, but they survived by returning to the digital world, and were later able to return to Earth.