Kyubimon t
is Renamon's Champion form. In this form she is on four legs with nine tails with flames at the tip of her tails.

Voiced by Mari Devon.


Renamon first digivolved to Kyubimon during the fight with Dokugumon, when Rika realized how much she cared about her. Although she destroyed Dokugumon, she was no match for IceDevimon despite her wielding the power of fire against his ice. After she and Rika seemingly ended their relationship, Rika saved Renamon from being killed by Harpymon, and she digivolved to Kyubimon and destroyed her.

By the time of the fight with Mihiramon, the tamers could digivolve their Digimon at will. Kyubimon fought Mihiramon but was easily defeated. She later fought Sandiramon in the subway but was at a disadvantage until Growlmon showed up. She also fought against Vajramon and could hardly inflict damage on him until she digivolved into Taomon and destroyed him.

Kyubimon also fought against Mephistomon/Gulfmon, and could not damage him until she digivolved to Taomon and destroyed him alongside WarGrowlmon and Rapidmon.

Kyubimon also fought Indramon, and couldn't do anything to him with his Horn of Desolation, until WarGrowlmon destroyed him. She also had no effect on Vikaralamon at all until she digivolved.

Renamon also digivolved to Kyubimon during the fight with Megadramon, and was nearly killed until Cyberdramon intervened.

When a wave of water sent Rika, Renamon, and Calumon flying into the air, Renamon digivolved into Kyubimon to land on her feet, and using her tails to either shield Rika and Calumon from the fall or get them on her back, or both. She gave them a ride back to the other tamers, and later digivolved when the storm came up after a confrontation with Beelzemon.

Renamon later digivolved to Kyubimon during the search for Takato and the others, and entered the Land of the Sovereign where Rapidmon was fighting Beelzemon. Kyubimon remained in this form for most of the battle with Beelzemon, who nearly killed her until Leomon stopped him, and was destroyed. However, it wasn't until Beelzemon destroyed Makuramon that Kyubimon digivolved to Taomon to fight him.

She later took the form of Kyubimon to give Rika and Impmon a ride to the ark that returned them to Earth.


  • Fox Tail Inferno - Shoots fireballs from the tips of her tails at her enemies. Sometimes she'll teleport them around the enemy and incinerate them then.
  • Dragon Wheel - Spins into a fireball and shoots a dragon of fire at the enemy.


  • Kyubimon is based off the kitsune, a fox with nine tails.
  • As a fox with nine tails, she looks similar to Ninetales from Pokemon.


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