Lopmon is Suzie Wong's partner, formerly the Rabbit Deva. Her Ultimate form is Antylamon.


She looks similar in appearance to Terriermon, but with different colors and three horns instead of one.


She is a lot more mature than Terriermon.


Antylamon was assigned to guard the South Gate, leading to Zhuqiaomon's castle. When Suzie appeared, Antylamon did not attack her as most Devas would, but instead told her to leave, however, Suzie convinced her to give her a ride through the area. They were about to go their separate ways afterward when Makuramon attacked Suzie, and Antylamon defended her, fighting Makuramon until Takato, Henry, and Terriermon arrived, and Makuramon ran. After Suzie became Antylamon's tamer, Zhuqiaomon dedigivolved her to Lopmon as punishment for her betrayal.

During the fight with Beelzemon, Caturamon was sent to kill Lopmon for her betrayal, but Terriermon took the hit for her and Suzie, and Renamon got them away from Caturamon, who was then destroyed by Gallantmon.

After Beelzemon's defeat, Lopmon went with Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon, Rika, and Renamon to Zhuqiaomon's castle, hoping to reason with him. Zhuqiaomon wouldn't stop his attack but did give her a chance to go back to his side, as she was the only Deva left. She refused, no longer wanting to serve someone who believes in violence. Zhuqiaomon directed an attack at her but WarGrowlmon took the hit.

After Azulongmon convinced Zhuqiaomon to put aside his quest to destroy the humans, the tamers and their Digimon returned to Earth, Lopmon arriving on Earth for the first time. With Zhuqiaomon no longer against the humans, he returned Lopmon's ability to digivolve, and as Antylamon she helped Justimon destroy the D-Reaper agent, Horn Striker.

After the D-Reaper was destroyed with Juggernaut, Lopmon dedigivolved to her In Training form of Kokomon due to Juggernaut's side effects, and was forced to return to the digital world to survive. She was later returned to Earth by Takato.

During the battle with Locomon, Lopmon was accidentally switched with Terriermon at one point. Strangely enough she did not fight all the Parasimon unlike the others.


  • Lopmon/Antylamon is the only Deva to survive or turn good. Even before then she seemed the least evil of the Devas.
  • She is also one of the only two female Devas, other being Pajiramon.
  • Michelle Ruff, who does the voice of Lopmon (a rabbit Digimon), sometimes does the voice of Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic games.