MarineAngemon is a Mega level Digimon. He is Kenta's partner.


He is a small, cute, pinkish Pixie Digimon with wings and a heart on his chest.


MarineAngemon is said to be a Digimon of few words, but he and Kenta understand each other.


MarineAngemon first appeared alongside many Mega Digimon gathered to fight alongside the Sovereign against the D-Reaper. He took a particular interest in Kenta. On their way back to Earth, MarineAngemon somehow appeared in Kenta's pocket along with a digivice, becoming his partner.

When Takato and Guilmon were inside the chaos of the D-Reaper, MarineAngemon fought off Evil Jeri with Kahuna Waves. He later used the same technique to heal Sakuyamon and destroy a blob of chaos.

After Juggernaut sucked in the D-Reaper and threatened to do the same to the main tamers due to a miscalculation, MarineAngemon appeared alongside Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, and Lopmon to project a shield around them all and get them out of the chaos before it was sucked into oblivion.

Due to Juggernaut's effects, MarineAngemon was nearly destroyed along with the other Digimon (though he did not seem to dedigivolve as the others did) and was forced to return to the digital world to survive. Takato later returned them all to Earth, and he participated in the battle with the Parasimon.


  • Kahuna Waves - Shoots a heart that can drive off enemies, or even destroy some of them as witnessed with Parasimon. It can also heal allies.

MarineAngemon can also project shields around his allies to protect them.


  • Aside from Impmon, MarineAngemon is the last Digimon to receive a tamer.
  • He is the only partner Digimon who remains in Mega form, and does not seem to dedigivolve from to Juggernaut's effects (though still affected).