MegaGargomon t
is the Mega form of Terriermon, biomerged with Henry. He has the appearance of a much larger and more heavily armored form than Rapidmon. He is the biggest of the four biomerged Digimon, and has the longest name.

Voiced by Dave Wittenberg and Mona Marshall


Henry and Terriermon first became MegaGargomon during the battle with Zhuqiaomon. MegaGargomon seemingly defeated Zhuqiaomon, but after separating, he returned.

The next time they became MegaGargomon was during the battle with the D-Reaper agent, Creep Hands. When Gallantmon was captured by the D-Reaper, MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon went after him. When the rescue was successful (though done mostly by Kenta and MarineAngemon), MegaGargomon participated in the fight with Horn Striker.

MegaGargomon continued to fight the D-Reaper and its agents, in the end fighting alongside Sakuyamon and Justimon against Cable Reaper. Once Cable Reaper was removed by the Sovereign, MegaGargomon spun around in the center of the portal to the digital world to turn it into a Juggernaut vortex, sucking the D-Reaper into oblivion.

MegaGargomon also participated in the fight against Parasimon.


  • Gargo Missiles - Shoots two big and powerful missiles
  • Power Pummel - Punches the enemy, which can also create a shockwave
  • Mega Barrage - Shoots a barrage of missiles at the enemies