Meramon is a Digimon residing in the digital world. He has the appearance of a man made out of fire. He appeared in the episode Brave New Digital World.

Voiced by Peter Spellos


Meramon attacked the tamers at one point after they arrived, mistaking him for his enemies, but Leomon eventually defeated him. He told them to go ahead and absorb his data, but they said he attacked them first, and he realized they weren't his enemies. He longed for the day he could go to Earth. Kazu and Kenta would have loved to have Meramon for a partner.

Later, a stampede of Jagamon ran by. Meramon attacked them, and they trampled and destroyed him.

According to Renamon, Meramon was trying to take over the Jagamon's territory.


  • Magma Blast - Shoots fireballs


  • In Digimon Adventure, the digidestend also met a Meramon. Just like this one, the Adventure one attacked the digidestend when they first met.
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