is the Tiger Deva, and the first Deva to appear and fight the tamers. He is an Ultimate level Digimon. He resembled a winged purple and gold tiger. He appeared in the episode Grow Mon Grow.

Voiced by Bob Papenbrook.


When Yamaki was testing out Juggernaut, the black hole opened up a portal through which the Devas could enter. Mihiramon spoke to Yamaki as a representative of "those who wish to be (the humans') masters". He appeared on top of the Hypnos building. The tamers were having a hard time getting his name and information on their Digivices (his name is only briefly seen once and later mentioned three times).

Renamon digivolved to Kyubimon to fight him, but he easily countered her Dragon Wheel and used Samurai Tiger Tail on her, which nearly killed her. Terriermon fought him as Gargomon, but he easily defeated him as well. Guilmon fought him as Growlmon, who was able to damage Mihiramon with Dragon Slash, but Mihiramon began chewing him out of existence, until Takato was able to Matrix Digivolve him into WarGrowlmon, who threw Mihiramon into the air by his tail and destroyed him with Atomic Blaster.

Although he was the first Deva to appear, this is not revealed until Sandiramon explains the Devas to the tamers in the following episode.


  • Samurai Tiger Tail - Whips the opponent with his tail.
  • Armor Tiger Tail - Turns his tail into a blade.


  • Davis, the narrator, often makes jokes about the type of Deva when they are destroyed. In Mihiramon's case, he said WarGrowlmon "took the tiger by the tail".
  • When Growlmon uses Dragon Slash on Mihiramon, his blood can be seen, making this the first time blood is shown in Digimon Tamers.


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