Samurai Master Musyamon

Musyamon is a Wild One with a samurai style appearance. He appeared in the episode Much Ado About Musyamon.

Voiced by Beau Billingslea


When Rika won the Digimon card game, Musyamon was one of many Digimon who wanted to be her partner, but she chose Renamon. Musyamon tried to bio-emerge, but was seemingly destroyed by Yamaki with Yuggoth. However, Musyamon returned, and when Yamaki sent Yuggoth at him again, he destroyed it. Musyamon bio-emerged and terrorized a city, blowing up cars. Guilmon fought Musyamon while Henry refused to let Terriermon fight. When Musyamon tried to kill a little girl, Henry realized some battles were worth fighting. Terriermon digivolved to Gargomon and destroyed Musyamon with Gargo Laser, absorbing his data.


Like IceDevimon, Musyamon is ruthless and sadistic. This is not expanded on as much as IceDevimon except for the fact that he tries to kill a little girl.


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