Omnimon is a powerful Digimon beyond the Mega level. He resides in another dimension. However, he cannot leave this dimension. He appeared in the movie Battle of Adventurers.


Omnimon presumably destroyed Apocalymon, whose data was reformatted into Mephistomon. Omnimon fought Mephistomon, who escaped through a portal to Earth. Unable to leave his world, Omnimon teleported Henry, Gargomon, Rika, and Kyubimon to his world and sent them to fight Mephistomon, calling them "Digidestined". Along the way they ran into a MetalTyrannomon, a Pteramon and an Archelomon, and Omnimon easily destroyed them with his sword.


  • Supreme Cannon - Shoots a powerful laser

Omnimon also attacks with a sword.


  • In the original series, Omnimon is the DNA Digivolved form of the Mega forms of two of the main characters, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.