Paratice Head is a giant red-pink agent of the D-Reaper. It has numerous mouths on its body speaking in Jeri's voice. It appeared in the episode His Kingdom for a Horse.

Voiced by Bridget Hoffman


Paratice Head attacked Justimon while he was destroying D-Reaper agents. It later appeared before Mr. Katou as he was begging the D-Reaper to give Jeri back to him. Paratice Head repeatedly said "Destiny" in Jeri's voice. Through it, the D-Reaper tried to scan Mr. Katou, but became confused at the word "father", as it didn't understand the concept.

Gallantmon destroyed Paratice Head's hand, but it regenerated. Gallantmon, Sakuyamon, and Justimon fought Paratice Head, who extended its mouths and bit all three of them, until Mr. Katou crashed a car into its foot, not damaging it but getting its attention. As Paratice Head attacked Mr. Katou, Gallantmon defended him, diverting Paratice Head's attention to him, and then Guardromon used Guardian Barrage on it, and Justimon severed three of its tentacles, destroying it.

Later, another Paratice Head was created, but Guardromon easily destroyed it with Guardian Barrage.


Paratice Head can extend its mouths like tentacles to wrap around or bite an enemy. It can also regenerate lost limbs.