is one of the evil Digimon in Mephistomon's army. He looks a bit like an airplane, with elements of a pterodactyl. He appeared in the movie Battle of Adventurers.


Pteramon attacked part of the city, and Renamon fought him. He shot missiles at her, but Rika used a Digi Modify card enabling Renamon to throw an axe at him, stunning him, and then she destroyed him with Diamond Storm, absorbing his data.

Despite deciding she no longer needed to absorb opponents' data, she most likely did so because she could sense that he was different than the Wild Ones and Devas they had been fighting before.

Another Pteramon appeared in Omnimon's dimension, alongside MetalTyrannomon and a second Archelomon, but all three were easily destroyed when Omnimon slashed them with his sword.

Later a third Pteramon appeared when Mephistomon's virus became powerful, but was destroyed when Labramon released the vaccine program.


Pteramon can shoot missiles at his enemies.