Sakuyamon t
is the Mega form of Renamon, biomerged with Rika.

Voiced by Melissa Fahn and Mari Devon


Rika and Renamon first became Sakuyamon during the first battle with the D-Reaper in the digital world, and seemingly defeated it, but it returned.

When Dobermon gave them the power to biomerge on Earth, Sakuyamon fought alongside Gallantmon and MegaGargomon against the D-Reaper and its agents. She destroyed three Pendulum Feet at one point. When entering the D-Reaper's chaos, she was weakened, but was healed by MarineAngemon.

During the final battle, equipped with a red card enabling them to stay in Mega form inside the chaos, Sakuyamon easily destroyed a second Optimizer that appeared. She fought alongside MegaGargomon and Justimon against Cable Reaper, and when their attacks were ineffective, at Justimon's request she transferred her power to him to increase his power. As this could kill him, the Rika half of her was reluctant to do so, despite having nothing but hate for Ryo before this point, but he survived.


  • Spirit Strike - Creates some spirits that fly through and damage or destroy the enemy
  • Amethyst Mandala - Unleashes an exploding energy wave that destroys enemies
  • Twin Blades of Beauty and Truth - Uses her staff to create two pink rings of energy which form a barrier of cherry blossom petals
  • Crystal Sphere - Creates a barrier resembling rotating crystals, much larger than Talisman Spell
  • Amethyst Wind - Unleashes a storm of purifying cherry blossoms
  • Fox Drive - Uses her staff to create a sphere of blue flames