is the Rooster Deva. He is the third Deva to appear and fight the tamers. He resembles a rooster with a sort of staff on his back and a round purple body. He is an Ultimate level Digimon. He appeared in the episode Back to Nature, Back to Battle.

Voiced by Richard Epcar


Sinduramon bio-emerged while Takato, Guilmon, Henry, and Terriermon were on a field trip. He was initially so small that Takato and Henry didn't think him a threat so they decided to ignore him. Sinduramon absorbed electricity from Shinjuku, increasing his size and power. He possessed an owl, who described Sinduramon as "(drinking) of the light of man and (expanding) himself to look like a ripe big chicken".

Guilmon and Terriermon fought against him as he aimed to absorb electricity from the dam to become unstoppable. Eventually Guilmon, as Growlmon, shot a Pyro Blaster at his back, sending him falling into the water where he was electrocuted with the electricity he absorbed, destroying him.


  • Positron Pulse - Shoots an electric beam

He can also absorb electricity to increase his size.

With electricity absorbed, this gives him a major weakness to water, which will cause him to be electrocuted.


  • Many chicken jokes are made about him. Davis, the narrator, says in the recap that Growlmon "threw the chicken into the frying pan".