The Sovereign are the four most powerful Mega Digimon residing in the digital world. Their domain is the Land of the Sovereign.

  • Azulongmon - The Sovereign of the east, resembling a snakelike dragon with a blue aura
  • Zhuqiaomon - The Sovereign of the south, resembling a phoenix or turkey with a red aura
  • Ebonwumon - The Sovereign of the north, resembling a two-headed turtle with a green aura
  • Baihumon - The Sovereign of the west, resembling a white tiger with a white aura

Zhuqiaomon tried to destroy the humans, believing them to be a threat to Digimon and the digital world, but was the only Sovereign who felt this way. While Azulongmon convinced him to put aside his vendetta, Baihumon fought the D-Reaper while Ebonwumon watched.

The Sovereign led all the Digimon of the digital world, in Mega form, to fight the D-Reaper. It is unknown how many survived the battle, as the only ones confirmed to survive after a week are the Sovereign; they pulled Cable Reaper through the portal into the digital world.