Taomon t
is the Ultimate form of Renamon. She looks relatively human in this form, except for her foxlike face and tail.

Voiced by Mari Devon


Renamon first became Taomon when Rika received a blue card during the battle with Vajramon. While finding her Renamon and Kyubimon forms attractive, Vajramon was put off by how much she resembled a human in this form, viewing humans as inferior creatures. Taomon destroyed Vajramon.

Renamon later became Taomon during the battle with Mephistomon in his Mega form of Gulfmon, and combined her power with WarGrowlmon and Rapidmon to destroy him.

The next time Renamon matrix digivolved to Taomon was during the battle with Vikaralamon, in which she used Talisman Spell to protect herself and Rapidmon from Juggernaut, activated by Yamaki. The shield was slowly dissolving, but after Makuramon intervened (if only to save Vikaralamon) Taomon and Rapidmon continued to fight Vikaralamon, who was eventually destroyed by WarGrowlmon.

When confronted by Beelzemon in the digital world, Kyubimon matrix digivolved to Taomon, and when Juggernaut caused a storm, Taomon protected everyone with Talisman Spell. However, the shield was dissipated by Caturamon.

Later, Kyubimon fought Beelzemon, and only when he killed Makuramon did she matrix digivolve to Taomon to stop him. However, Beelzemon nearly destroyed her and Rapidmon, until Rika and Henry used the Alias Card to save them, although the data of their ultimate forms was absorbed.

Renamon later became Taomon during both battles with Zhuqiaomon, on the second occasion protecting everyone with Talisman Spell and moving it to avoid Zhuqiaomon's attacks, as he has proven he can penetrate the Talisman Spell in the first battle. She nearly ran out of energy doing this, until the fight was broken up by Azulongmon.

Later Taomon fought against the D-Reaper agent Pendulum Feet, and destroyed him with Beelzemon's help. She couldn't do much to Creep Hands until Dobermon gave them the power to biomerge on Earth. For the majority of remaining battles, Renamon would biomerge with Rika into Sakuyamon.


  • Talisman of Light - Shoots a beam of light with a symbol
  • Talisman Spell - Creates a protective shield