is the Pig Deva, and the most powerful Deva. He has the appearance of a giant boar. He is an Ultimat Digimon. He is the eighth Deva to fight the tamers and the last to attack Earth. He appeared in the episodes The Boar Wars and A World Apart.

Voiced by Michael Sorich


After Makuramon discovered Calumon, Zhuqiaomon sent Vikaralamon to destroy Earth. Vikaralamon rampaged through Shinjuku, destroying a fraction of it and forcing many unfortunate people to evacuate. His presence caused a tear in the dimensions. The military attacked him, but to no avail. Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon fought him but were unable to even get his attention with their attacks, until they matrix digivolved into WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon.

Vikaralamon trapped WarGrowlmon in a Fusion Ball. Just when Rapidmon and Taomon gained the upper hand, Yamaki used Juggernaut in an attempt to destroy all Digimon, which threatened to destroy Vikaralamon along with Rapidmon and Taomon. All three were saved when Makuramon destroyed Hypnos by throwing a Primal Orb into the Juggernaut void.

The battle with Vikaralamon resumed. Takato used all his energy to free WarGrowlmon from the Fusion Ball, and while Rapidmon and Taomon countered his attacks, WarGrowlmon threw Vikaralamon to the ground and destroyed him with an Atomic Blaster to the face point blank.


Vikaralamon's attack would never be forgotten, as it was when most humans (aside from Hypnos, the tamers, and the Monster Makers) first found out about the existence of Digimon, thus giving them a bad first impression on Digimon and perceiving them as monsters, until they were shown fighting the D-Reaper and Dolphin cleared up all misconceptions about Digimon.


  • Boar Bog - Shoots black goop from his mouth to trap his enemies
  • Fusion Ball - Shoots an orange energy ball to trap and slowly kill his enemies


  • Vikaralamon has a similar voice, status as "large enemy presence" and evil pig, and death scene/dying cry to Pigma Dengar from Star Fox.
  • His Fusion Ball looks similar to the "kill ball" on Halo.