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Vilemon is a Wild One resembling a small winged demon. He appeared in the episode Dream a Little Dream.

Voiced by Dave Mallow


Vilemon bio-emerged when Guilmon and Calumon drew chalk lines in the formation of the symbol on Calumon's head. Vilemon was aggressive and attacked Guilmon, chasing after Calumon. Guilmon and Terriermon fought Vilemon until Rika and Renamon arrived. Renamon destroyed Vilemon with Diamond Storm and absorbed his data.


Nightmare Shocker - Shoots a blue energy wave

Demon Dart - Shoots an energy dart


  • His name is pronounced differently than in Season 1. In Season 1, many Vilemon who work for Piedmon have been pronounced the same way as "Vile", except the "e" can be heard. The "i" is pronounced differently in Tamers.