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WarGrowlmon is Guilmon's Ultimate form.


He is much bigger and has armor.


Guilmon first matrix digivolved to WarGrowlmon during the fight with Mihiramon, whom he destroyed. This was when Kazu and Kenta truly witnessed Digimon for the first time.

He later became WarGrowlmon to destroy Mephistomon's Mega form, Gulfmon.

Using a blue card Kazu gave him, Takato was able to matrix digivolve Guilmon to WarGrowlmon, enabling him to destroy Indramon.

Guilmon fought Vikaralamon as WarGrowlmon but was trapped in a Fusion Ball. However, Takato got him out and he destroyed Vikaralamon.

He later took this form to fight Zhuqiaomon in the digital world, but couldn't even damage him.

He also fought Pendulum Feet and Creep Hands, two agents of the D-Reaper.


  • Atomic Blaster - Shoots two powerful lasers
  • Radiation Blade - Charges at enemy with blades on his arms
  • Trinity Burst - Combined with Rapidmon and Taomon, shoots a powerful white energy wave